Elemental Birth Yoga - Preparing for Birth in Edinburgh

Preparing for Birth in Edinburgh

After 25 years of Yoga for Pregnancy teaching in Edinburgh, Cáitlin Heavey is moving on to live and work in Italy.

From June 2017 she is handing over the teaching reigns to the very lovely and very capable Beverley Bruce. Cáitlin is confident that Beverley's gentle and nurturing style will continue to inspire and empower pregnant women through yoga.

Beverley will continue to teach at Mulberry House, 21 Manor Place, Edinburgh.

Please contact her through her website: http://www.b-ing.co.uk/

0131 618 9108


Cáitlin would like to thank all the wonderful mamas, papas and babas she's had the joy and privilege to teach over the years.

"May yoga continue to support you all through this intense, challenging and life changing journey. You will always have the breath to calm and soothe you, to help you to focus and to connect with your immense female power as you make the transition into motherhood.  with love and blessings, Caitlin"